The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society is a NGO with more than 60 years of experience in making a difference by leading the way in research, patient support and providing information on Multiple Sclerosis.

This site is written in Danish. If you choose to translate with an online translator, be aware that the translation could be defective.

The Danish MS Society is a private disease combating organization, founded in 1957, that operates by means of collected funds. The organization has more than 60,000 members and donors – including 12,000 members with MS which corresponds to 80 percent of all Danish patients with MS.

Our organization also relies on more than 2,000 volunteers who greatly contribute to the organization. We are responsible for the operation of two MS hospitals and a holiday center called ‘Dronningens Ferieby‘ (The Queen’s Holiday Village) with 44 newly renovated, flexible and fully accessible ultramodern holiday cottages.

We fund reseach, provide support and information

The Danish MS Society finances a big part of the research taking place in Denmark and supports a wide range of different national and international research projects such as MS Progressive Alliance. The Danish MS Society is a member of the international union of MS Societies: The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) and the European MS Platform (EMSP) and the Nordic MS Council (NMSC).

Another focus of our organization is counseling of members with MS and their families. The counseling unit consists of social counselors, psychologists and doctors who provide free counseling. The Society’s local chapters are present all over the country and offer activities for local members and volunteers.

Providing information about MS is also an important part of our work. We publish a quarterly print magazine and a monthly online newsletter.

The Danish MS Society is a democratic organization. Its highest authority is the Council that consists of the local chapters’ members, the main board, the Executive Committee and the President and Vice-president of the organization.

The members of the Danish MS Society are registered in Denmark’s 98 municipalities and 5 regions. The main board consists of the chairman, the deputy chairman, the treasurer, five representatives of the five regions, five representatives from the five committees + one representative from the MS youth department.